Jane Doe Custom Leather Jacket

Jane Doe Custom Leather Jacket

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It's here! The exclusive Jane Doe custom leather jacket. This handmade textured leather jacket is lined with 100% satin with a hand printed design on the satin by artist Honey Kill. All jackets are handmade to order. To keep the jackets as personal as possible we have listed the jacket measurements for each size so if you would like to make adjustments to any of the measurements for your size, please email us when your order has been processed. The zip and buckle detailing with the beautiful hand drawn satin lining makes this jacket super unique and rad. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Arm- 55cm, Shoulder to Shoulder (across back)- 43cm, Wrist open- 25cm, Wrist closed- 22cm, Shoulder to Bottom (front and back)- 54cm, Waist- 95cm, Chest- 100cm


Arm- 58cm, Shoulder to Shoulder (across back)- 45cm, Wrist open- 26cm, Wrist closed- 24cm, Shoulder to Bottom (front and back)- 56cm, Waist- 101cm, Chest- 105cm


Arm- 60cm, Shoulder to Shoulder (across back)- 47cm, Wrist open- 31cm, Wrist closed- 26cm, Shoulder to Bottom (front and back)- 58cm, Waist- 105cm, Chest 114cm